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as a kid i always thought gotham was in michigan because i thought it was a midwestern city like chicago, and there was always shit going down at the pier or in abandoned factories and if michigan has anything it’s a lot of piers and abandoned factories. anyway turns out it’s probably in jersey.

other good reasons for gotham to be in michigan:

  • one of the most heavily forested states in the country with 20 million acres of forests oh my god poison ivy would be so powerful the second she got outside city limits fuck
  • there’s 20 million acres of this and she’s got plant powers no wonder they want her on lockdown 
  • there are more than 6,000 shipwrecks in the great lakes how many supervillain origin stories is that good for
  • there’s a whole class of freighter just for the great lakes
  • “63 commercial ports handled 173 million tons of cargo in 2006″ aka holy shit that is a lot of opportunities for boatcrimes
  • mr freeze has a pretty tragic origin story but if you had to put up with michigan winters and then some motherfucker showed up freezing the town outside of freezing season you would have no mercy
  • imagine batman giving someone directions by pointing to his hand
  • “we believe killer croc is somewhere around here” he says pointing to the tip of his thumb
  • good fucking luck finding stats on abandoned buildings in michigan but holy shit are there a lot of them, no wonder they’re always having fights in abandoned factories and empty warehouses
  • “kitty why are you including that map of the railroads like it’s relevant” because when you’re trying to sleep and you hear a train in the distance it’s fucking spooky okay
  • i have no evidence that traincrime is an issue for batman i’m just saying the ambiance is there
  • michigan has plenty of abandoned theme parks for the joker to hijack
  • our most famous abandoned theme park is dinosaur themed so I GUESS WE KNOW WHERE HE GOT THE T-REX
  • we have a special kind of ice cream called superman ice cream and i think bruce would be really bitter about it and that’s hilarious
  • there are nine different species of bat in michigan and they have all lived in my kitchen at some point
  • michigan is full of mines both abandoned and active and bats love them
  • put an abandoned train station next to and abandoned mine and you have a totally plausible CRIMEZONE
  • and none of this is getting into the most compelling evidence
  • put a city in michigan and watch how fast no one gives a fuck
  • gotham, MI needs batman because who the fuck else is going to help
  • batman please save us from the cops and the state government

I always thought that Gotham was Chicago and Metropolis was New York City.

that’s what i thought but apparently metropolis is new york during the day and gotham is new york at night which means the dc universe has three new yorks which i think even new yorkers can agree is too many

here are some more michigan batman facts:

  • we already have evil clowns
  • when i was a kid i used to slide down the slopes made by snowplows on my stomach which i feel is relevant to the penguin
  • there’s always a ton of cars from the 30s driving around gotham which makes perfect sense if it’s in michigan because that’s when we made cars and we’re not over it
  • rick snyder and his emergency managers are basically supervillains and i want batman to punch them
  • michigan is closer to kansas which means bruce can visit clark’s parents and then they’re emailing clark about what a nice young man he is and there’s nothing clark can do about it
  • batman vs superman: the deep dish debate
  • “who would name a city bludhaven” well we’ve already got bad axe and colon and gaylord and climax and grim and hell andfrankenlust and gore and that’s just the first half of the alphabet
  • if someone said that a city in michigan had been hijacked by an evil clown that was only stopped when a man in an animal costume kicked him in the face would you even blink
  • this is meadow brook hall in rochester mi
  • this is the charles t fisher house
  • here’s the james scott residence
  • welcome to michigan hope u like houses with turrets and fucked up clowns and evil men poisoning the water

I have always thought of Gotham as Chicaco (even Falcone = Capone obvs) but I am 100% convinced by Gotham as Detroit now. 

I mean what city Gotham “is” depends entirely on who’s writing at the time and which writer you mostly grew up with.

Like my main Bat-canon was BtAS, which gave Gotham a heavy NYC feel and even established it as being in New York state on a couple of drivers licenses and medical files with characters’ addresses on them.

The DCAU never really gave a good idea of where Metropolis was, though, just that it was a several hour bus ride from Smallville and wasn’t in Kansas.

And if you watched the original Teen Titans cartoon, there was some decent evidence that Steel City – the city that Titans East got set up in – was Detroit.

Not sure they ever gave any hints about where Jump City was, but then I’m not terribly familiar with California’s cities.

I always thought Gotham was Jersey cause I like to imagine the Batfam with the accent.

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